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stunning story

  • The founder & CEO of the company Mr. Ajay Lakhani reached Dubai in the year 2002 to explore his commercial, technical and creative potential with an idea to serve the industry with innovative and commercially effective ideas for brand building.

  • In the year 2003, he set a first milestone by establishing 'Stunning Image' – a company aiming to provide creative & technical support to the clients willing to develop their image to stand out in the market

  • Mr. Lakhani's creative abilities & technical education in Information Technology craft an effective blend in the industry as IT is becoming one of the efficient medium in brand building. Both the units of the company complement each other, the creative department visualize & conceptualize the art work and the strategy, while the IT department work to bring the idea into reality and to reach out to the target market.

  • During the years, the company has worked for the government & private sectors like Jewellery, Restaurant, Real Estate, Shipping, Foodstuff Trading etc. and has developed its identity as fast growing company which provides range of services from developing ground-breaking ideas to shape the ideas into reality.

  • The recognition and appreciation of the work in the total years of its journey has fueled the confidence in the company and helped realizing its vision to stun the world by its outstanding imagination and technical expertise.

  • BUT, the journey has just begun, dream is yet to achieve. Dream to add creative value to commercial work, Dream to utilize technology to connect people with aesthetics….